"It's Her Vision" Movement

It’s been pretty difficult for young women to make it in a media creative discipline. There has been a history of undermining and mistreating talented women. The wages between male and female graphic designers are drastically different, with women making far less. There is a past of female filmmakers having to put their own money into projects because no production company would give them the chance to tell their story. There has been a picture painted of media creatives like photographers, designers, and directors, and it's usually a man sitting behind a desk, or at a director's chair with his bullhorn, and headset. How great would it be, if there were more of a female perspective in this industry?

Well-known, Talented Photographer Jill Greenberg, made a career out of photographing celebrities, commercial campaigns, and even had her work appear in galleries. Sound fantastic right? Well, it is. However, after she created her signature shooting style with the lighting and poses, but male photographers were  

Learn the Facts!

From data that has been collected in 2019, it is clear to see that out of the total workforce in the media industry, 49% of the workforce is composed of women but the majority stay in entry-level positions. So, what does this mean? It means newly hired women in various disciplines are rarely given the chance to grow even if they are hired.